University of Toronto


Design, Build + Install, Digital Integration


Toronto, Ontario


Education & Healthcare


Following an extensive RFP process, Envision was tasked to design, build and install a dynamic donor wall to educate, motivate, inspire and recognize donors within this key U of T facility.

The donor wall needed to combine both static and digital elements and be a signature fixture within the architectural environment. A specific request was made to develop a digital system that could be easily updated directly by staff.



The end result was a timeless architectural piece with an integrated digital presence that acknowledges the generous support of individuals and corporate contributors. The fixture Envision designed is a complex structure that incorporates glass, wood and metal, and appears as a natural extension of the existing wall structure, fitting seamlessly into the environment.

Envision also developed a software platform that allows U of T staff to directly update the digital names on the wall. The fixture itself requires minimal maintenance, with easily changeable panels for the static donor names.


“The donor wall is fabulous. Our week-long donor extravaganza was a tremendous hit and our overseas visitors took special interest in the wall (and looking for their names). The new material looks lovely and the update was done very well. You and your team take such great care of us that I have no problem recommending you to my colleagues at other Faculties and in the hospitals.”

- Elisa Williams Schroen, CFRE, Development Officer, U of T Faculty of Medicine