RBC Flagship


Strategy, Design, Build + Install, Digital Integration


WaterPark Place, Toronto, Ontario




Following a recent engagement with RBC to develop their Small Retail Space design, Envision worked on the development of their next-generation large-scale customer experience branch, located at their new headquarters, WaterPark Place, a Leeds Gold building containing a substantial presence of RBC Head Office staff.



This showcase branch was designed using Envision's Strata approach to deliver a stunning look, whilst maximizing the customer experience and operation at many major new customer touch points, including the introduction of Universal Tellers ⎯ the removal of the teller line ⎯ and a next-generation level of in-branch digital experience.

Our Strata process resulted in the development of choreography strategy that supported the Sales people's needs, and delivered over fifteen new or greatly enhanced touch points in a uniquely ambient environment.

Envision also designed, fabricated and installed the signature digital wall and graphic scrims for the main hallways and auditorium on the ground level of the building.


“Envision was a fabulous partner in the designing of our Auditorium, hallways and showcase store at WaterPark Place. Envision's Strata process helped us ensure there were no discontinuities and that we were delivering a seamless customer experience. A truly focused and dedicated team. A pleasure to work with.”

- Shelagh McGrogan, Director, Retail and Merchandising, RBC