Sinai Health Foundation


Strategy, Design, Build + Install, Digital Integration


Toronto, Ontario




Following an extensive RFP process, Envision was commissioned to design, build and install a signature digital donor recognition wall for the main lobby corridor of Mount Sinai Hospital. Envision’s scope included the strategy, design, fabrication and installation of the donor wall, together with the content development and ongoing management of the fixture and its technical components. The project was undertaken in conjunction with Envision’s wider role of updating the entire hospital wayfinding signage design as part of the hospital’s “Renew Sinai” project.



The completed project is a combination of artistry and technology on a whole new level. The impressive digital architectural structure (a digital canvas spanning 21,000 pixels wide)  – standing 50 feet long by 12 feet high, and incorporating 35 HD screens – is unique to North America in its size and complexity. A considerable design challenge was to create something on this scale without it seeming oversized in the tight confines of the hospital’s main lobby. It also needed to integrate seamlessly with the architectural style of the newly renovated environment. Our design created a central fixture to house the digital, giving it the appearance of floating within the fixture and adding to the lightness of the overall design. 

Our content management system allows the user to enter updated donor information via a database and those donor names to immediately fold seamlessly into the choreographed content show. This allows for creation of customized content without long render times or disruption to the rest of the wall’s artistic display.



“This wall surpasses our expectations and makes such a significant contribution to the hospital's landscape. It is an ever-changing piece that has brought an entirely new level of art form to this hospital and for that, we are grateful to the Envision team.”

- Tony diCosmo, Vice President, Donor Relations, MSH Foundation